Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Simple trick to auto-complete URL's

I learnt a simple trick a few days back which can save beginner users a lot of hassle and others a lot of typing.

For Example, to open google on a web browser, we need to type http://www. in the beginning and .com at the end. Many times we get confused between forward slash and back-slash!

The trick is simple :
Type "google" in address bar

Then, press "ctrl" + "Enter" keys together :

It'll prefix http://www. and suffix .com to the word you've written.

And guess what, this works on all browsers.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Copy Full Path of a File (Trick)

Let's say , you need to copy the full location of a file to use somewhere else.
Traditionally, you will open the file in Windows Explorer and then copy the path in the address bar and manually append file name to the end.

Say you have a file(abc.txt) at E:\All\Training Material. When you copy path, you will first append file name at the end and then add double quotes("") since we have a space in folder name.

To save time, you can use a trick in Windows Explorer.

Trick: Just hold "SHIFT" key  when you right-click a file and select option "Copy As Path".


You will get the string as : "E:\All\Training Material\abc.txt".
And you are ready to go using this.

Tested on: Windows 7.

Hope U Like it...

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